Sunday, November 27, 2022

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FIFA WC 2022: Argentina, Mexico win in ‘R or Par’ competition

Argentina Vs Mexico: In FIFA World Cup 2022 (FIFA WC 2022), Argentina has finally won the battle of 'R or Par'. In a...

‘Urine on face.. Broken skull.. Suicidal ideation..’ –

Chennai Super Kings team I.P.L. If you ask the fans who is the main reason behind the team's triumph in the series, the...


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NASA: By 2030 man will be able to live on the moon, NASA’s big claim

Human Live on Moon : American Space Agency of NASA (NASA) scientist has claimed that by 2023, humans will be able to live and...

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Increasing air pollution can take away your eyesight, know how to keep it

These days only AQI is discussed in metro cities. AQI means air quality index. This is caused by air pollution. The...

Hemoglobin has decreased in pregnancy, so know it from the expert

Our body cells play an important role in keeping us healthy. ...

Uric acid can cause diabetes, heart and kidney problems

From bad eating habits to your lifestyle, the amount of uric acid...

Intermittent can affect female hormones and fertility

Intermittent fasting is very famous among celebrities these days. Through this...

In your hair care routine for silky-smooth hair in the changing seasons

Every woman is very conscious about her skin and hair. We...

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New Delhi. The final and deciding match of the three-match ODI series between India and South Africa will be played at the Arun Jaitley...

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